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With the Ruud KwikComfort® Financing program, you’re able to provide your customers with a variety of payment options, which allows them to get the quality Ruud products they need at a price they’re comfortable with.

Through a partnership with GE Capital, the Ruud KwikComfort® Financing program helps you increase sales by reaching a whole new set of potential customers. Plus, our dedicated customer service representatives make everything simple by helping you navigate the financing process with ease.

To learn how you can take advantage of the KwikComfort® Financing program, click the links below or contact us with any questions or comments.

Step 1: Learn how to enroll.
Step 2: Enroll in KwikComfort® by clicking the link or calling 866-209-4457.
Step 3: Take a look at our current financing rates, then check out our transaction reference guide for easy navigation of the KwikComfort® process.

Thanks for checking out the Ruud KwikComfort® Financing program and for helping Ruud provide quality products and excellent customer service to even more people. Visit for more information.